There is a King In You, Stop Doubting Your Awesomeness!

You come from royalty, An aristocratic dynasty…(There is a King in You by Donald Lawrence)

These are the lyrics of the song the choir sang on Sunday during the worship service.

They sang with so much passion and conviction and a chord was struck in my heart.

There is a King in me! There is a King in You!

Yes! You, reading this now, are royalty, so you come from an aristocratic lineage. You are not an ordinary person, neither are you a commoner. There is royal blood flowing through your veins… I mean, that is so so awesome.

Have you thought about it?

You! Royalty…King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke Duchess whatever your title, you come from a lineage of kings!

Do you know who kings are?

They are rulers, they reign over kingdoms, they have wealth and honour, they are respected and cherished. Now, that’s who you are…

Interestingly, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex recently got married to Meghan Markle and automatically she becomes royalty….Duchess of Sussex. She immediately becomes entitled to all the privileges of royalty. All the guards, living in the palace, the honour and respect, the affluence and any other privileges you can think of…

And to think she’s entitled to all these because she’s married to a prince.

Crown and Scepter

Guess what!

You also become royalty by reason of your marriage to The Prince. Once you give your life to Jesus, The Prince, you have access to all the privileges of His royal lineage.

You can now reign over life situations. The orders and commands you give have to be executed. There’s 24-hour protection of the guards of Heaven (Angels) deployed for you. You’re so wealthy that you have no lack. In addition, you’re so honored and respected because of who you are.

But do you behave like royalty, do you think like royalty, or do you go about with your head hanging down in defeat like a loser?

You know what, that will just be acting out the script of the devil. He doesn’t want you to know that you are royalty…

Still from the song..

“The goal of the enemy is that you don’t know who you are…”

If he succeeds in making you unaware of who you are then he will be able to deceive you into believing all his lies of failure, sorrow, defeat, self-pity about you.

Don’t let him succeed!

Common! Get a grip on yourself!

Wake up and Hold on to who God says you are…1 Pet 2:9 You are a royal priesthood…

You may not look like it now, you may not feel like it now…that doesn’t change the fact of who you are…Royalty!

Look yourself in the mirror and say

“Your Royal Highness”

“Your Royal Majesty”

Believe it with every fibre within you…walk it, talk it, live it…

Before long you’ll see yourself reigning in life situations.


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