How to let the Game Changer Handle Your Haters!

During the FIFA World Cup 2018, the Nigerian team defeated the Icelanders 2-0. After the match, there was so much rejoicing and celebrating. The players were excited, the coaches were delighted, the fans were elated because their team won that match.

It was a different scenario some days before that match when the same Super Eagles of Nigeria were defeated by the Croatians.

After the match with the Croatians, the Super Eagles were criticized, mocked, and even abused by many because of the disappointing performance. There had been so much expectation from them but they disappointed their fans when the Croatians defeated them.

But by the end of the match against the Icelanders, all the criticizing and mocking turned around to rejoicing and celebrating, immediately the game changed in their favour.

Talk about the Game changer at work!

​A Game Changer is a person or thing that significantly affects the outcome of something.

God is the Game Changer!

He raises one and brings another down…He turns situations around in the blink of an eye…all to bring glory to His name.

I once heard the story of a man who was being mistreated by his colleagues at work. His promotion was consistently stalled. His supervisor categorically refused to recommend him for promotion. This man although unhappy, continued his work diligently. It seemed like God was asleep regarding his situation.

Then all of a sudden, out of the blues, a new department was established in the organization and there was a need for someone to head the department.

Guess who was chosen….

This very same despised, relegated staff. He got a letter from the management that he will head that new department.

Note: This role came with all the perks of a top management position like a chauffeur-driven car, an executive office, and staff amongst other things.

I mean how better is it to deal with your “enemies” than to let the game-changer handle it.

Let the Game Changer handle it

The enemy may scheme situations to go against you but don’t be agitated just leave it in the hands of the “Game Changer” and watch Him turn things in your favor and for His Glory.

We see Him do so in the story in Acts 13:6-12As Paul and Barnabas tried to preach to the governor, the enemy (Bar-Jesus) tried to prevent him from receiving the word. The miracle of Paul making Bar-Jesus blind was all the evidence the governor needed to surrender to Christ…and he did with joy and gladness.

There may be times in life when despite all your efforts and actions, the events around you may just be speaking defeat, defeat, defeat! Such a situation may make you unhappy and discouraged but you must know that God- The Game Changer is able to turn around your situation suddenly. He specializes in turning hopeless situations around. He takes what people have given up on and makes beauty out of it.

Here are some tips on what to do to get the Game changer turning the game in your favour:

  1. Remind yourself that God is in perfect control of your life.
  2. Believe your situation will end in the praise of God.
  3. Choose Joy over discouragement.
  4. Be thankful for where you are.
  5. Ask Him to guide your next steps.
  6. Take action based on His instructions.

Don’t worry your situation will end in praise. It will be all the evidence needed for the salvation of souls.

Be encouraged!

Have you ever seen the Game Changer turn things around in your life? I’m curious! You can share in the comments below.

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