YES to God: The Key to Finding Fulfilment in Life.

In the search for fulfilment, many people seek happiness, success, and wealth. However, the key to finding fulfilment in life lies in something so simple yet so powerful. God created us and has written the story of our lives. Our YES to His prompting definitely leads us to finding fulfilment in life.

As a little girl, I loved listening to stories. It may have been because my Mum was a master story teller. In the blink of an eye, she could whip up the most entertaining and educating story ever. Her stories were usually laced with sing-a-long songs to delight us and life lessons to wise us up. She never lacked a story to deliver to us her half dozen eager audience. Whether while dozing or when wide awake, our hearts would leap for joy as we hear her opening line, “Once Upon a time.” And we all will eagerly respond, “Time, Time.”

Many times, the unfolding of what would come after that opening line was not what our young and curious minds could have predicted. But our eager and excited response to the story was ours to choose.

This reminds me of the fact that every great story starts somewhere. Sometimes, it may be as cliché as the “Once Upon a Time” opening line that my dear mother used to pique our attention and interest. Or it may be something else. The great and amazing story of your life can start today.

How do I know?

Well, for one, I know that God is writing a “Once Upon a Time” moment in your life today. He controls the script because He created you and He knows why He sent you to the earth. God alone knows what problem(s) He created you to be the solution for. He has equipped and prepared you for such a time as this.

As you read this post today, He is calling you to your life of fulfilment and purpose.

Looking at the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus in the book of Luke 1:28-55, let’s draw some salient points to ponder on. These will lead you to the key to finding fulfilment and purpose in life:

Today is the first day of the rest of your life:

  • You may have had a rough start to life. Know that today, as you read this post, can mark a completely new beginning for you. Then even if you have had a great life thus far, today can be the begin of a complete change in the trajectory of your life. Don’t give up on the possibilities that your life can take. Mary was a good girl. The Bible says she was a virgin. Yet she could never have imagined the completely wild turn her life was going to take after that certain day, when the angel visited her. This post is your angel’s visit to tell you that God has a great, unprecedented future ahead for you. Today is your “Once Upon A Time” moment, God has written in the story of your life.

Once Upon A Time:

  • This is God’s prompting, God’s call to you to a life of more. It is God stirring up a desire in you, prompting you, calling you to an extraordinary life that you could never have imagined. It is God’s call to a life of not just existing and occupying space. “Once Upon A Time” is a call to a life of fulfillment and purpose. For Mary the mother of Jesus, the call came to her as a visit of an angel with a divine message. Luke 1:28-33 Your “Once Upon A time” moment may be just like Mary’s – a divine visitation from God. Or it may be a simple instruction from someone you love and respect. It may even be a burden God suddenly places in your heart that won’t just leave you. Or it may be you staying faithful and committed to your everyday mundane tasks. Whatever form it takes, know that it is God’s call to you for a life of unprecedented adventure.

YES or NO?

  • God has written the script of your life. He is calling and prompting, “Once Upon a Time” …He controls the opening line but the response is on you. Would you say YES to God’s script? Would you say YES to the unfolding of the unprecedented life that is ahead of you? I urge you to Say YES to God’s script for your life. It is true that the prompting will lead you to asking questions upon questions. You may wonder, “Is it really God speaking to me?”, “Am I making this up?”, “How do I start?, What do I do?” The start of the story would leave you with more questions than answers. Many times you do not even have the answers to some questions that arise? But please, go ahead and say YES! If you do not say YES, you won’t experience what is ahead. Mary said YES – “Be it unto me according to your word,” not knowing how it shall be or how her life will turn out. And she never regretted it.

Do it Afraid:

  • Your response to God’s prompting requires bravery. It requires courage. You would require to dare to become while not knowing what lies ahead. Trust God’s leading and wisdom. According to Carly Fiorina, former chairman and chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard, “Courage is not the absence of fear, courage is acting in spite of fear.” Courage is going ahead to take action on the call and prompting of God even when you have endless questions before your face. It is being totally consumed by fear yet looking fear in the face and taking action. Don’t give excuses. When you get the prompting, don’t get stuck in trying to know everything, knowing the full picture before you take a step. Coach Wendy Ologe says, “The information you have now about that thing God told you to do or become is enough for you to get up and take a step.”


  • God will not just leave you with the message or prompting. He will let you have a peek at the possibilities that lie ahead when you say YES and dare to take the steps of faith. God showed to Mary the possibility of the miracle of becoming a mother when there was never a sign of it ahead-Elizabeth her cousin who people had called barren was pregnant in her old age- Luke 1:36-37. When God wants to help, He gives you an example of what is possible. Pay attention, He will show you someone or something that will reassure you that great things lie ahead when you say YES to God. What God has told you will happen, if you believe and obey. As at my writing this blog post, I am in a mentorship program with my “Elizabeth”- Coach Wendy Ologe. She is Africa’s Foremost Parenting Coach and a successful Business Woman who has built a thriving global brand. According to her, “You can become a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.” She is building a global brand that is impacting and transforming the world from the least expected places of the world.

What do you say?

  • God told Mary this is who you are going to become – the mother of the savior of the world. He showed her that she is the mother of the Lord. God told her through the angel that she is highly favored among women. Mary received it and affirmed what God said to her. She affirmed it even before she became pregnant. Listen to what she said. “For he took notice of his lowly servant girl, and from now on all generations will call me blessed.” Luke 1:48 She immediately began to call herself who God called her. What do you say concerning yourself? Are you afraid to what God called you? Call yourself who God has called you. Say to your self everyday – “I am God’s Masterpiece. I am a joy of many generations. I am a savior to my generation. Men and women will rise and call me blessed. I am an equipper of destinies. People will find fulfilment and direction by my light. My radiance will enlighten the leaders of nations. I have been called for such a time as this!” You will gradually see yourself manifest that prophecy. Calling yourself what God called you will give room for the king in you to manifest.

Final Words

God wants you to more than just exist. He wants you to live for Him. What Godly promptings do you need to give attention to today? What divine stirrings do you need to take action on today?

Do not be afraid. Take action, Take a step toward that prompting.

Your “Once Upon A Time” story requires a lot of simple yet not so simple steps to obedience. Your YES may just be the key to your finding fulfilment in life.

I love to read from you – What is the prompting your received? What step(s)/action are you going to take today? Share with me in the comments below.

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