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My name is Olubunmi Idowu, and I’m the founder of LifeSavvy Living.


My greatest joy is helping young adults (including teenagers) become “LifeSavvy”- understanding and knowing how to do life by becoming intentional and purpose-driven individuals who shine the light and spread the love of Jesus in their various spheres of influence while at the same time building wealth.

My Story

As a child, my growing up years were not bad at all. My Mum and Dad loved us all six children and worked hard to care for us by providing for us and showering us with commensurate love. Despite all the love and care, I somehow grew up with a faulty self image. 

I was extremely timid and shy and I was always too scared of drawing attention to myself, even if my life depended on it. Maybe it was just the environment I grew up in or maybe it was as a result of the shock from my Dad’s sudden death few months before my 11th birthday, I really can’t say but my teenage years were “colorfully designed” by a very poor self image. This affected my life greatly. I literally shut my memory bank down; and lost the beautiful memory of  many parts of my teenage years. 

This faulty image I had of myself affected my relationships with people; it affected my self confidence. I struggled with this poor self image throughout my teen years and on into my twenties. 

I was multi-talented and gifted or rather, I am multi-talented and gifted but the faulty image I had of myself held me back from so many opportunities and possibilities that came my way. It felt like I kept reaching out to grab on something I knew belonged to me yet I could not get it. All because of the limiting thoughts and beliefs I held about myself, of course I was oftentimes unhappy and miserable.


I remember vividly thinking,   “How does she do that? Isn’t he scared? Oh, I could never do that,”  any time I saw anyone living confidently and doing amazing things with their lives.

Particularly, I recall asking a friend in my first year in high school (secondary school), “How come you’re never afraid? You always have the perfect thing to say. How do you do it? You’re always so composed and confident.”

Honestly, I also longed for that kind of life. I wanted to have a Great life, an Amazing life…filled with a lot of wealth, health and joy. I wanted to be able to impact the lives of other people. However such a life seemed so far, so unreachable to me.

I don’t recall what my friend told me that day but I knew I needed help and being a book lover, I searched for help from books. I read a lot. When I got into the University I sought other resources such as attending seminars, trainings etc. (At that time, I never knew I was taking baby steps towards the journey of personal growth and development) Those resources I explored helped me a great deal however, there were still those underlying thoughts that held me back.

I went on with this back and forth experience of reaching out beyond my limiting mindsets and falling back beneath them. My thoughts about myself were mostly “I am not good enough,” “who would listen to me?”, “Where do I start from?”, “I don’t even know what I want or ought to be doing”, “Me? Set 2, 5 or 10 years goals? I can’t even see it.” 

Somehow, I got through life- completed school, got a job, got married and had kids but I was only living by default never living on purpose or by design.

In my journey and search for how to live an amazing life, I met JESUS. He is Amazing and timeless! He taught me and He leads me on my journey to Amazing. Well, I was actually born and raised in a Christian home but until I became committed and intentional about my friendship with Him I never saw a difference in my life. But since I committed to our relationship and started walking with Him I have seen and experienced immense transformational changes in my life. 

I have grown from being that extremely timid and shy girl to becoming a youth leader, an international conference speaker, facilitator of workshops, Bible Study teacher, author, video/content creator, co-host of a Kid’s TV show, entrepreneur, ordained minister, an exceptional mother, a delightful wife…. I mean, it has been an Amazing journey indeed and I’m not done yet! 

Anyway, I must be real with you I still some times have my “down times” because I’m a work-in-progress. However, I realized the times I strayed off course, (off my friend’s directives)  were the unpleasant downtimes.

A few years ago I once again got to that point in my life where I was tired of my life. I was not too proud of the woman I had become, especially given my gifts and strengths, and I desired a change. I needed a revamping. 

So I started looking into my life, I started asking myself some questions- “How did I get here?”, “Why have I not been able to harness the giftings I displayed in previous years?”,  “Is it too late to recreate my life?”, “How are others able to do great things with their lives and I am not?” Some of the answers I got from these questions pushed me to prayers. I took out time to pray a lot. 

Then I believe by God’s arrangement, I hesitantly I signed up for a Personal Transformation challenge. Then I hesitantly joined a community of go-getter women and I came in contact with life transforming resources.  Although I struggled with fully committing to the process, but as I kept interacting with the resources, my mind began to shift. It was like new light kept beaming through the dark shadows all around me and I started to experience life again gradually. 

It’s still an ongoing “voyage” but I am more certain that my victory is sure. Now, I am more self aware, my self-talk- my monologues are more positive and affirming as against the negative and degrading conversations I used to have with myself. In addition to this I have been experiencing clarity of purpose and life and I am deliberately redesigning my life. I love it! 

As I create my life of purpose, peace and prosperity, I realized that a lot of young people have the same struggles I had- struggles around their identity, their self-talk, clarity of their purpose, balancing their relationship with Jesus and their desire to build wealth. So I started LifeSavvyLiving.com.

Why LifeSavvy Living? (Faith Principles for Personal growth and development)

Personal growth and development always results in a life of Purpose, Peace and Prosperity. It stretches you to live your best life and forces you to rise to your potential. But it can lead to a life of self-obsession and self-glorification. This is where inculcating faith principles for personal growth and development plays a vital role in LifeSavvyLiving.

I love to help young people thrive so I teach faith principles for personal growth and development. I am providing you with principles, tips, strategies that will help you unlock your hidden genius by allowing God and His principles to guide your conscious pursuit of personal growth, inspiring, equipping and empowering you for a life of purpose, prosperity and peace.

LifeSavvy Living is a faith-based, christ-centered personal development platform aimed at helping you, with practical tips, tools, and strategies, to live an Outstanding and Amazing life.

I want to help you on your journey to the Amazing life you were created to live. I want to help you design and pursue that great life of purpose, impact and wealth that you were created for. It would be my greatest pleasure to help you on this journey to your Amazing life. Let’s Start here…

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