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Welcome to Lifesavvy Living

I'm so glad and grateful you are here.

My name is Olubunmi Idowu, and I’m the founder of LifeSavvy Living.

My greatest joy is helping young adults (including teenagers) become “LifeSavvy”- understanding and knowing how to do life by becoming intentional and purpose-driven individuals who shine the light and spread the love of Jesus in their various spheres of influence.

Growing up, I was an extremely timid and shy girl. I was always too scared of drawing attention to myself; even if my life depended on it. Although I was multi-talented. I kept missing out on opportunities and so I was mostly unhappy and miserable. 

I remember vividly thinking,   “How does she do that? Isn’t he scared? Oh, I could never do that,”  any time I saw anyone living confidently and doing amazing things with their lives.

Particularly I recall asking a friend in my first year in high school (secondary school), “how come you’re never afraid? You always have the perfect
thing to say. How do you do it? You’re always so composed and confident.”

Honestly, I also longed for that kind of life. I wanted to have a Great life, an Amazing life…filled with a lot of wealth, health and joy. I wanted to be able to impact the lives of other people. However such a life seemed so far, so unreachable to me.

I don’t recall what my friend told me that day but in my search for how to live an amazing life, I met another friend. He is a timeless friend who has taught me and led me on my journey to Amazing.

Since I started taking to his directives I have seen transformational changes in my life. I have gone from being that extremely timid and shy girl to becoming a youth leader, an international conference speaker, facilitator of workshops, bible study teacher,  author, video creator, host of a kid’s TV
show, entrepreneur, ordained minister, a mother, a wife….I mean it has been an amazing journey indeed and I’m not done yet.

Anyway, I must be real with you I still some times have my down times because I’m a work-in-progress. However, I realized the times I strayed off course, (off my friend’s directives)  were the times I was most hard hit.

I started LifeSavvy Living as a platform to express myself creatively, and indulge in my lifelong passion of sharing and helping young people with all the things I have learnt and I am still learning about life!

My mission here at LifeSavvy Living is to help you unlock your hidden genius by inspiring, equipping and empowering you for a life of purpose, impact and fulfillment.

LifeSavvy Living is a faith-based, christ-centered personal development platform aimed at helping you, with practical tips, tools, and strategies, to live an Outstanding and Amazing life.

I want to help you on your journey to your Amazing life. I want to help you design and pursue that great life of purpose, impact and wealth that you were created for. It would be my greatest pleasure to help you on this journey to your Amazing life. Let’s Start here

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