21 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself

Are you a person that always seeks to grow? Do you always look out for ways to improve yourself?

If yes, then we have something in common.

21 Practical Ways to Improve yourself.

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about improving myself and helping others grow (also known as personal growth). The reason is not far fetched; I was a very timid and shy girl while growing up. I always thought I was not good enough and that the next person was better than me.

Of course, I was most times unhappy.

Then I started to seek help. As I sought for solutions to my problem, I came to understand that it is through improving myself continuously that I can get the most out of life. 

Over the years of actively pursuing growth and helping others to grow through teaching, guiding, and mentoring young people; then very recently through my faith-based personal development blog- www.lifesavvyliving.com, I realized that the self-improvement journey is an endless one. 

No matter what level of growth you are at, at any given time, there is always something about yourself that you can improve on because God created each one of us with limitless potentials.

However, your desire for improvement must be driven by God’s specific purpose for your life, or else you will burn out. 

If you think you are good, there’s always an aspect of you that can be better.

As a fierce advocate of faith-based growth, I am always looking for ways to improve myself in line with my life’s purpose.

I have compiled 21 of my best self-improvement tips which will definitely be helpful in your journey. I have also included bible verses to serve as the basis for your adopting them. Some are simple and easy to implement straight away while some would require a lot more effort from you. Here we go: 

1. Read a Book everyday

Books give you the opportunity to tap from great minds. The more books you read the more wisdom you are opened up to because reading books are like drawing from wells of concentrated wisdom.

Reading a book exercises your mind and opens you up to more and more knowledge. Like the saying goes “Readers are Leaders,” sharpen your leadership skills by reading every day.

Verse to Remember: 2 Timothy 4:13 

2. Read your Bible everyday

This is one book you can not afford not to read every day if you want to improve yourself. Reading the Bible opens you up to God’s mind for you. Reading it makes you know His plans for your life and helps you align yourself with His game plan. It is food for your spirit man.

I struggled with reading the Bible for so long until I discovered the Professor Grant Hornor Bible Reading System. It is a comprehensive reading system that helps you read at least 10 chapters of the Bible every day.

Since I started using it I have become more aware of God’s promises and plans for me; I have a clearer viewpoint on the different themes outlined in the Bible. You can give it a try. But if you think it is too demanding for you then you can pick from the many Bible reading plans on the YouVersion Bible App.

Verse to Remember: Job 23:12

3. Learn a new language

Living in a country with over 300 languages, I have come to appreciate the power of being able to speak different languages. It endears you to people; a complete stranger immediately becomes your brother once he realizes you can speak his language.

Learning a new language today has become easier than you imagine possible. While in the university, I took up a French class but forgot most of what I learnt because of disuse but recently I revived my French learning using this app- Duolingo. It offers self-paced lessons in 35 languages. In a short time, I have learnt so much more than I learnt in my undergraduate french class.

Verse to Remember: Acts 21:37-40

4. Take on a new hobby

Learning something new helps you to stretch yourself in different aspects. You stretch mentally, physically, emotionally even financially. As you stretch yourself, you are growing. 

So beyond your preferred hobbies, pick up something new like gardening, crocheting, cooking, designing, sewing, rock climbing, etc.

Here is a list of 10 hobbies that can help you to be productive

  The good thing is that you could also monetize your hobby. So it is a WIN-WIN 

Verse To Remember: 1 Samuel 16:18

5. Take up a new course

This is a great way for you to gain new skills and knowledge. Taking a course will help you gain fresh insights on things.

Technology makes it so convenient today, at the comfort of your home or office you can take courses on diverse topics. Check for a course of interest to you on Coursera.com or Udemy.com. You can start with a free course to get your feet wet and then move on to a certified course when you’re more comfortable.

Verse to Remember: Acts 19:9-10

6. Make your environment (home/work) area inspirational

Research confirms that the state of your environment largely impacts your mood and motivation. For instance, a brightly lit room can improve depressive and anxious moods.

My husband and I decided to revamp our home recently when we understood the importance of enriching our environment. I can confirm to you that after that our home has become more than a place to sleep but also a place of inspiration for us.

Verse to Remember: 2 Chronicles 5

7. Wake up early

“The early birds catch the worms” was a quote on my favourite teenage nightshirt. Waking up early has been confirmed by so many people to improve productivity and the quality of life. 

When you get up a little earlier you are able to “capture the day” and drive it in the direction you want it to go. Start gradually, 15-30 mins earlier than you usually do. Use this “extra time” to meditate or plan your day.

Verse to Remember: Mark 1:35

8. Have a weekly exercise routine

Your body is the vehicle that takes you to your desired life. It is the means through which you achieve your goals and aspirations. Just as you will ensure your car is in shape before you go on a journey, it is important that you keep your body in shape as you journey in life.

Commit to a weekly exercise routine. You can join a local gym to help you be accountable. Alternatively, you could have  5-10mins indoor workout sessions in the comfort of your home three times a week or go for long 20-30 mins walks at least three days in a week to set your body in the right tune.

Verse to Remember: 1 Timothy 4:8

9. Read at least 1 motivational quote a day

Staying motivated is very critical to fulfilling your goals in life. All of us are prone to self-criticism, discouragement, comparison, second-guessing; they all don’t help your personal growth journey.  Each one of them is like creating a tiny hole in a balloon; no matter how much air is pumped in the balloon, it seeps out through the hole.

Block off those holes with a dose of a motivational quote daily. Take it like you would take your multivitamin supplement every day. You can start with 101 of my best motivational quotes-One for each day- Eat (Read), Chew(Meditate), Repeat!

Verse to Remember: Proverbs 16:24

10. Overcome your fears

Everyone has fears, yes even those we admire and think are successful. But you know what those fears do to you, they keep you from growing. 

Instead of letting the fears stall your growth, see them as pointing you to areas of your life that you can improve yourself in. So for example, if I have a fear of public speaking, It means that I need to grow in that area. How do I overcome the fear? I take steps to improve myself in that area. 

Verse to Remember: 2 Timothy 1:7

11. Level up your skills

Do you have any skills? Great! But do you know since we currently live in a fast-paced world with things changing by the moment, it is so easy for your skill to become obsolete without your knowing it. 

Commit to being a lifelong learner. Keep learning and re-learning your skills. Go for refresher training and workshops to keep you abreast of current happenings in your areas of expertise. 

Verse to Remember: Proverbs 22:29

12. Write a letter to your future self

What if you could be more confident in your abilities, what kind of person would you be? What kind of feats will you attempt? What are those things you so strongly want to do but doubt your abilities to do them?

Write yourself a letter celebrating your achievements. Then whenever you feel discouraged and low in your self-confidence bank go back and read that letter.

Verse to Remember: Habakkuk 2:2

13. Get out of your comfort zone

Growth rarely happens within your comfort zone and the reason is simple-you grew into that comfortable place you operate in. If you really want to grow, you need to stretch out beyond what you’re comfortable with. Lift up and surpass the limits you set for yourself.

The truth is if you do not permit yourself to stretch, like a rubber band, you never attain your full potential. When you do things outside your comfort zone, you hear yourself say things like “I never knew I could do that”

So I permit you, STRETCH! Start that business (even if it is a side gig), go for that conference, talk to that person, connect with that mentor.

Verse to Remember: Judges 6  

14. Start Journaling

“The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory.” Writing does a number of things for you- it helps you become more aware of yourself and it helps you keep records of those amazing ideas flying through your mind. You’re able to set and achieve your goals better because journaling keeps your thoughts organized. You may just be on your way to writing your “best-seller”; journaling helps improve your writing.

I discovered the power of journaling when I recently stumbled on journals I kept as an undergraduate- over ten years ago. I was surprised at the quality of my writing at that time and it became a boost of encouragement for me whenever I’m feeling low.

When I also read through the Praise journal I kept during the time I was with our daughter in the hospital as she got care, I became more thankful to God for the whole experience. It also reminded me of people who reached out to bless us during that stormy season of our life.

Start yours today- a praise journal, maybe a prayer journal or ideas journal. It could just be a journal where you document your thoughts. If you need help with starting to journal, see this post – 7 Journal Writing Prompts for Beginners

Verse to Remember: Habakkuk 2:2-3

15. Reduce TV and Social Media time

I once heard a wise man say “People who love watching others never get watched.” As great as TV and social media are, they tend to become excellent time wasters. The creators of the programmes want you to keep coming back so they fill their shows with suspense, fun. Unfortunately, you don’t get paid for watching them, your goals and dreams remain unachieved because you have wasted your only nonrenewable resource-your time.

I‘m not saying you should become a recluse. If you have to watch TV or be on social media, be intentional about it- define the benefit you’re deriving and set a time frame for it. Stick to the time you set.

Verse to Remember: Mark 9:47

16. Meditate

Meditating can seem difficult. Like it is only for gurus or yoga practitioners. It is actually not. Interestingly, every one of us does meditate. It’s only that we are using it on the wrong thing.

If you have ever worried about any problem you had then you have practiced meditation. If you have ever been anxious about your child, your husband, your parents, your job, the weather, your country, or any other thing, then you are a meditation expert.

So you see how easy it is to meditate. However, you are going to take it a step further by channeling it for your good- you consciously meditate on something positive. 

Set aside some time every day to meditate. You can choose to think about your goals; see yourself nailing them, see yourself celebrating your wins. You can also choose a Bible verse and “chew” on it, thinking about how it manifests in your life.

Verse to Remember: Philippians 4:8

17. Learn public speaking

According to Psycom.net, public speaking is one of the deepest felt fears affecting up to 75% of the population. Most people are more afraid of standing before a crowd than climbing a mountain. The good thing is it can be mastered. So many have that fear and have gone on to become highly successful in public speaking.

Take a course on it. Join groups that help you develop the skill. Prepare and Practice. Start a YouTube channel.

Verse to Remember: Acts 2:14

18. Get a Mentor or Coach in your field

“If you see a turtle on a wall, know that he did not get there itself” Mentors help you gain speed because they help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls as you learn from their experience.

Locate a person who has achieved what you desire to achieve. Get as close as you can get by meeting in person, or reading their resources, following on social media. 

Verse to Remember: Exodus 24:13

19. Start a social course

You were created to be a solution to a problem in the world

The world is in so much need at this time. The Sustainable Development Goals-SDGs spell out a number of areas that you can make life better for another person. Look around you and see how you can impact the world. Start with little things such as raising funds to help less privileged kids go to school. You can also take a course from the Social Innovation School of Ideation Hub Africa to get started.

Verse to Remember: Isaiah 1:17

20. Show a simple act of kindness everyday

The world is filled with gorgeously dressed and beautifully looking people. But deep-seated within them they are angry, frustrated, discouraged, hopeless. Explains why there is so much evil around. 

Be a disrupter. Change the narrative in your environment. Show a simple act of kindness every day- a smile, a call, a chat, a compliment, etc and light up the world.

Verse to Remember: Luke 10:33

21. Take a break

“All work and no rest makes you become toxic”… because your energy is spent out.

Take time to rest. It helps you refuel like you would top up the fuel in your car. Go on planned vacation and make sure you are not working. It does not have to be expensive, just make out time to play, sleep, enjoy nature, and visit new places. It has a way of bringing you back to optimum performance in your life and your work.

Verse to Remember: Mark 6:31

Bonus Tip: 

Commit to your personal growth

All of these tips to improve yourself will not change anything except you commit to your own personal growth.

Don’t just desire to grow. You need to be committed to it. Commit to applying these tips to your life immediately so that you can begin to see yourself growing.

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Are there other ways you improve yourself besides these? Kindly share in the comments section.

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