The Four Seasons of Life. Which Season Are You In?

different seasons

Recently, I was thinking about seasons..why did the Lord even create seasons?

Life’s journey is very much like the different seasons-Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall, Winter. So there is a time in your life when everything is working right. It’s like you have the “Midas touch,” Your business/job is doing great, in your relationships you’re doing amazing things, your kids are fantastic, even money is abundant.

And then there comes the flip when nothing seems to be working. Like everything you do just seems to keep spiraling downwards.

Well, Have you ever taken a step back to check for what season are you in?

I realized that among other things, transiting between seasons is characterized by waiting…you’re in winter, you long for spring when the beautiful flowers and leaves will spring forth, but you have to wait… you long for summer when the weather is warm, you can go outdoors to play with your kids, you can go on family vacations, but you have to wait.

Waiting is good.

You may not think so but I know it is. Trust me, I’ve been there..waiting for admission to High school, waiting for admission to the university, waiting for Mr Right, waiting to have a baby….

At each particular time, the experience was not enjoyable but it was worth it.

Waiting gives you opportunities to grow, to stretch, to mature, to be a better you. James 1:2-4

No matter how long a season lasts for, you know it will eventually roll away and usher in the next season.

That is faith, believing

The rains may fall endlessly, you know summer will follow spring. The heat may be unbearable, you know fall/autumn will follow summer. The trees may look so bare and lifeless, you’re sure the enchanting snow of winter will follow the fall.

So no matter how long you’ve been believing, keep believing until that prayer is answered until that dream comes true.

If you are in an unpleasant season of your life, be encouraged…it will pass. The experience is only there to usher you into your next season…Your season of flourishing, fruitfulness, joy, and abundance. You can check out some tips to help you move to your next season in this post. And if you are in your season of abundance, enjoy it but make sure like the ants in Proverbs 6 make provision for your dry season. This post would show you how to do that.

Also, Get a copy of my book Choosing joy amid Grief to help you wade through any season of loss, pain, or grief you may be going through. Get it here!

What season are you in? How are you faring? How are you preparing for the next season?

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