Choosing Joy amid Grief: Daily Devotions for your Journey from Mourning to Joy

Have you ever lost a loved one (old or young)? Have you ever lost a job or lost a relationship? Or anything else?

I know, It is one of the most devastating and difficult times in anyone’s life. I have been through all these unpleasant experiences and they were really tough and overwhelming times.

I shed buckets and buckets of tears, felt a lot of pain and heartaches. I had and still have a truckload of unanswered questions. (Do you relate?)

My search for comfort and healing led me to find the treasures I share in this book.

Choosing Joy Ebook Cover

This eBook is for you if:

  • You lost a loved one – whether old or young and you are struggling to find any joy in living again.
  • You lost your job unexpectedly. You want to get back on your feet but you are struggling to.
  • You were disappointed, betrayed, denied by someone you trust, now you find it difficult to trust anyone again.
  • You experienced any form of loss and you are dealing with starting again.
  • Your pet that grew with you over many years died and you’re grappling with living without it.

Here is what you will get from this eBook

  • 31 Days of Holy Spirit inspired devotions so that God can begin to heal your heart.
  • 31 Comforting and Hope-filling Bible Verses so that your heart is filled with hope, comfort and peace while you are grieving any type of loss. 
  • 31 Days of simple but powerful Prayer Prompts so that you are energized to begin your journey from Mourning to Joy.
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Hi, I'm Olubunmi

I'm a Grief Warrior! Here is why

Olubunmi Idowu

I have been through different grieving seasons in life: 

  • My father died suddenly a few months to my 11th birthday.
  • I got unexpectedly laid-off from a very enviable job during a recession.
  • My fiance suddenly called off our engagement few months after I lost my job.
  • My first daughter passed on unexpectedly a few days after a successful corrective heart surgery.
  • My sweet mother-in-love(law) suddenly passed on while I was preparing to release this book!  

These have been the most painful, confusing and complicated seasons of my life. However, from the comfort of the Holy Spirit from which I have been comforted, I write this book to bring you comfort and hope as you go through any grieving season. 

Choosing Joy Amid Grief is a 31-Day devotional that will Help you on your Journey from Mourning to Joy. 

For each day, I share a bible verse, an inspiring encouragement and a simple but powerful prayer prompt that will provide you with strength, inspiration, healing, and comfort. 

As you go through this devotional, I pray that you will experience the healing, comfort, and peace that comes from God’s infallible word as I have experienced.

See what other Grief warriors are saying...

The book "Choosing Joy amid Grief", met me at a time in my life where I was extremely down after experiencing a second loss all in one year. This book gave me Hope, filled me with Faith for new and beautiful beginnings. I realised that life will never be rosy at all times but I need to choose joy always, either while grieving or after. I found this book to be a wealth of information. After reading Day 1, I was eager to complete reading. The prayers attached to every day was so much uplifting. I figured out through the book that God loves me extremely and that "Grief" is a process. The layout of the book helps one go through it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is going through a loss or trauma. Thank you.
Prefers to remain Anonymous
I read Choosing Joy amid Grief after I lost my Mum, and it helped me find comfort in God's word, understanding that He is there for me through it all. I'll recommend this book to anyone who has lost anyone or anything precious, I'm sure it will be helpful.
Ima Adeniyi
Choosing Joy Ebook Cover

Choosing Joy Amid Grief is a 31-Day devotional written to Help you on your Journey from Mourning to Joy. Going through grief is tough but you are tougher!

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It is a book loaded with over 200 powerful scriptures on different life topics such as healing, prosperity, conception, pregnancy & delivery, academics and more.

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