How to Stay Positive During a Crisis

Stay Positive During a Crisis

It’s been 2 weeks of total Lockdown (in Lagos, Nigeria where I live) with 2 more weeks to go. Hopefully, the restriction in movement will be lifted after that. In some other cities like in the US, in Italy or in China where the coronavirus is believed to have broken out from, it’s been about 5 to 8 long weeks of compulsory stay-at-home. One challenge I know many people have had to face and are facing is being able to stay positive during a crisis like this coronavirus pandemic. 

The daily update of the statistics of coronavirus cases and the number of deaths is scary. However, don’t entertain that as an excuse to be negative. We must seek out ways to remain positive in the midst of every and any chaos because positive energy always wins!

You may have lost some things due to this crisis- a loved one, a job, a business, money. I may not know what you have lost but I know what you have not lost. You have not lost the purpose and plan of God for your life. He says in Jeremiah 29:11 “that His plans for you are for good not for disaster.”

No crisis can alter God’s plans and purpose for your life. Keep your eyes on the picture of that glorious future because it will surely come.

In this post, I share 5 tips that have helped me stay positive during this coronavirus pandemic and I hope it will help you too:

Limit News time

True, you want to be in the know. You want to be abreast of what’s happening now, and where it is happening?… Yes, the news will provide you with so much information, but you know most of what is in the news these days are negative news because you know, “bad news sells better and faster than good news”

So in addition to all the current and trending information that you get from the news, do you know what else you get?

Fear, Anxieties, Negativity, Wasted Time. You know where they all lead to? A life of defeat.

Honestly, I may not know you in person(yet) but one thing I know about you is that I know you want to live a victorious life and that’s why you are reading this post.

No one goes about drinking poison knowingly. So stop filling your mind with poison knowingly.

Just simply, Cut the news time! If it’s really important you will get it from someone who loves you.

Do a “News Fast” for a few days just to regain your sanity- turn off the TV, read a book or watch something uplifting instead. By the time you decide to start watching the TV again, you do selective watching by consciously rationing the time you spend watching the news.

Stay Positive

Find a “fear-proof-myself” scripture.

At this time everyone is seeking a solution to the coronavirus spread as well as to the “fear virus” spread. The word of God is one sure way to fear-proof yourself.

A fear-proof-myself scripture is a bible verse or verses that I remind myself of and chew on like gum(meditate on) until there is no more room in my heart for fear. The fear disappears and I gain my confidence back.

Just before we go to bed every night, I chant Psalms 23 & 91 with my family (my 2yr old daughter already recites Psalm 23 and is coming along with Psalm 91). I also remind myself of Psalm 46:1 whenever the fear or discouragement tries to pop up.

Do yourself a favour, spot a scripture you find comfort and peace in, and that you can keep confessing and meditating on whenever the fears and anxieties rise up in your heart.

If you’re wondering where to start, from you can check out my video with over 60 bible verses for Protection. Pick any of the scriptures that you connect with and make it your fear-proof scripture!

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Find Humor in Everything

Laughter has been said to have therapeutic effects. According to Help Guide, it is a tremendous resource for surmounting problems, enhancing relationships, and supporting both physical and emotional health. 

Another great way of staying positive during a crisis like this coronavirus pandemic is to have a good laugh.

Check out skits on YouTube or Funny memes on Instagram, or watch a funny movie. Watch or listen to something that will make you laugh just so you can ease off the tension.

Connect with family and friends virtually.

You know, such a time as this makes one thankful for the inventors of the internet. With it, we are able to call, do face time with family and friends, or have meetings with colleagues.

In my home, we have used this opportunity to “video call” a number of our loved ones we had been “too busy” to call before. Thank God for the lockdown! I must say they were pleasurable experiences. We have also had a few zoom family meetings.

Go on find what works for you… it could be a Whatsapp video call, Skype call or a zoom meeting. It could even be a good old phone call, SMS or email.

Make sure you’re staying in touch with your family and friends one way or the other.

Seek to inspire and help others

This is also a great time to help others by inspiring them to look beyond the coronavirus pandemic. Life will go on after the crisis, although it may be a little different from what we had been used to.

So you and your loved ones have to stay positive during this crisis because- “this too shall pass” Look out for opportunities to inspire anyone who is struggling to stay positive. Whenever you are able to, help people around you especially the elderly. (but of course, adopting social distancing guidelines)

You can host a challenge or have a vision board party with your buddies where you design your post coronavirus vision board to spur hope in your hearts again.

These are my top 5 tips for staying positive during a crisis like this coronavirus pandemic. I challenge you to try them all but if they seem too many (like information overload) then take them one after the other.

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We will surely win!!!!!

Do you have other ways you have stayed positive during this or any other crisis? I’m curious and I also want to learn. Please share in the comments section below.

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