Tips for Surviving the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

It all started like a joke when on the 31st of December, 2019 the first case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) was reported. In just a few weeks it has spread all over the world and has become a pandemic; meaning it is an infectious disease that is spreading rapidly to very many people at the same time. In this post, I share tips for surviving this coronavirus crisis.

Sincerely it has created so much chaos, fears and anxieties in the minds of people as the statistics reported keep increasing. As of this post, the world Coronavirus cases reported stands at 594,344 with the USA having the most number of cases-102,464 while the number of deaths across the globe is reported at 27,250.

In addition, countries and communities are working hard at curtailing the spread by enforcing a total or partial restriction of movements and gatherings. Parents are asked to work from home, schools are closed and kids are at home.

Yet in the midst of all these crises, we know God is with us and He always makes a way of escape for His own. When God released the 10 plagues upon Egypt (Exodus 7-11) He made a way of escape for His children, the Israelites.

So as His children, how should we respond to this unexpected situation the world is in? What is our way of escape?

How to respond in this time of Crisis.


It sounds like the natural and sensible thing to do as a believer but the truth is for most of us prayer usually is the very last thing we go to in the face of a crisis. Many times we are running around hustling, trying to fix the situation without committing the situation to God who knows all things. So at this time, make prayer your No.1 resort, not your last option.

Thank God that He is all-powerful and no pandemic including coronavirus (COVID-19) can stand Him. Thank Him because you know He is in full control of the whole situation and with Him, we shall overcome this storm. Pray for the healing of everyone affected and protection for everyone not affected.

Ask for wisdom for our leaders all over the world, that God will help them make the best decisions and administer resources appropriately. Pray that the global church will be strengthened and this crisis will serve to advance the spread of the gospel.

Ask God to calm all our fears and fill our hearts with His hope, joy, and peace in Jesus’ name.

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There’s so much fear in the air now especially when you sit before the TV (and we will get to do a lot of that now that we are made to stay at home) and listen to the reports of the extent of the spread. So many people are infected, a number of deaths, a considerable number of recoveries (thank God for this), economic downturns, panic shopping…people are just afraid because no one knows where all this will lead to.

For us, as Christians, we need to remind ourselves that God’s got us. He promises that “though we walk through fire He will be with us…”(Isaiah 41:10) and so He tells us not to be afraid.

At this time, confessing and meditating on the right thing would greatly impact on how you go through this coronavirus pandemic. Will it be a turbulent one or a peace-in-the-storm experience for you? One scripture that has always been an anchor for me in turbulent times is found in the 91st Psalm. Go read and meditate on it at this time. Usually, whenever I confess it, I personalize it and it makes so much meaning and brings more assurance and peace to my heart. 

3. TAKE THE SITUATION SERIOUSLY and take necessary precautions

Something I have observed amongst believers oftentimes is the tendency to become laidback whenever certain situations arise. It’s true we have God’s backing and protection, however, it’s God who also gave the medical professionals the wisdom to be able to tackle the challenge so if they give a directive, an advisory on how to navigate this time it is in our best interest and it only shows that we trust that God can work through them to bring an end to the plague.

So in line with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) advice:

  • Wash hands with soap and water often

  • When not available, Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer

  • Sneeze and cough in the folded corner of your elbow

  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system. Drink a lot of water.

  • Practice social distancing (maintain at least 1meter/ 3foot distance from people) and avoid large gatherings

  • Seek immediate medical help if feeling sick but no self-medication.

  • Stay indoors except for essential reasons like getting groceries

  • If you just returned from a foreign trip or been around anyone who just returned from a foreign trip, endeavor to self-isolate.

Let’s understand that these restrictions are advised so that the rapid spread of the virus can be curtailed. When it is lessened the medical facilities will be able to handle the severe cases and there will be fewer or even no casualties. So please as uncomfortable as it seems let’s retune our minds and comply.

However, if having done all you still get infected with the coronavirus please:


It is not a time for you to panic. God is with you in this situation and He promised He will never leave you. It is oftentimes reported that in crisis situations such as a robbery, there are usually more deaths resulting from people who panicked than there are from direct victims of the crisis.

Don’t make yourself one of those that panicked and suffered unnecessary ills.

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  • PRAY 

God is the healer, not doctors or nurses. They care but God heals. Prayer is our access to God. So call upon Him even on your sickbed His ears are not deaf that He cannot hear you. He will hear and He will answer. 


I created a 30+ Healing Scriptures Video you can listen to. You can find it here. Play it over and over again. Let it saturate your mind and the environment where you are. It will build up faith in you and you will be able to access heaven’s vaults for your healing.

Don’t stop confessing your Psalm 91 also.


Don’t prescribe any medications for yourself. Seek the help of a medical professional. They are well trained and equipped to help you.

You know, when God released the ten plagues upon the Egyptians (Exodus 12-13), He made a way of escape for His children. He asked them to place the blood of goats and sheep upon their doorpost and lintel so that when the angel of death comes around, he will Passover them.

Today we have even better blood than the blood of goats and sheep.

We now have the blood of Jesus.

And even though we have to practice all the health tips recommended above, we also need to plead the blood of Jesus frequently over our lives, family, nation, and the world and partake of the communion.


By the way, if you do not have a relationship with Jesus, you cannot claim any of these benefits of preservation and healing. So I want to invite You to give your life to Jesus today. Click here to know how you can start this priceless journey.

Finally, always know that despite all the commotion around, if you follow these tips for surviving the coronavirus crisis-Prayer, not allowing fear, and taking all the necessary precautions, you will live to tell the story. If somehow you still get infected with the coronavirus, Don’t panic. Instead pray and get the necessary medical care. Remember that as long as you’re hidden in The Refuge(see Psalm 91) you’re secure.

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