How to Grow Your Faith and Live Victoriously. *UPDATED*

Grow your Faith and Live Victoriously.

“Lira, Dollars or Pounds?”

My husband and I were standing in front of a food vendor at the airport in Istanbul trying to get something to eat. We were on a very long layover en route to London. Mind you, It was my first trip to Europe, I was pregnant and we were both starving and tired.

We had scouted the various food stalls at the airport trying to find something to fill our famished tummies with. Eventually, we settled for fries(chips) and chicken. 

Finally!!! We thought until it was time to pay for our rescue pack.

Then the vendor asked my husband “Lira, Dollars or Pounds?”

I just looked at the vendor blankly

Apparently, he was asking if we wanted to pay with the Turkish lira, the US dollars or the British pounds.


So even if we had a suitcase filled with the currency accepted in our country, we may not have been able to buy the mouth-watering chicken and fries that day without any of the three currencies he just mentioned?

Thankfully we had changed some of our money to pounds in preparation for our visit to London. 
So we just made the payment and in a few minutes were joyfully devouring our food.

My husband and I have been privileged to visit a few countries. For some of the countries, we were only passing through like this Turkey experience while for others we actually stayed for some time and visited places. 

The one thing I have observed in every country I have passed through or visited is the currency- the system of money that is generally in use in that particular country. It is unique and specific to each country (well some currencies are accepted in more than one country)

Every country has its own currency it uses in carrying out business and if you want to be able to buy the things you need there you have to change your money to the currency acceptable in the country.

Faith is our currency

The same applies to the kingdom of God. Faith is our currency of exchange. It is the acceptable means of “transacting”  for us as Christians. It is with it you are able to tap the resources God has made available for you.

In this post, we will be looking at what faith is, how faith grows (how you can get it or activate it because every believer has it), and how to “transact” with it. Let’s jump right in… 

Faith, What is it?

Faith is what makes real the things we hope for. It is proof of what we can not see. (Hebrews 11:1; ERV) It is being sure about the things that we hope for, being sure about the things we cannot even see. (Hebrews 11:1; EasyEnglish Bible Version). According to the King James Version of the bible, it is defined as “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” Faith is that force that ensures that God’s word becomes manifest in your life when you believe and act on it even if you can not see it.

God’s word is filled with various promises for you and me; the only way to access them is through Faith. Remember my experience with my husband at the airport in Turkey, without the currency of heaven, you cannot access any blessing from God.

Faith is so important to you if you are a believer because it does the following for you:

A measure of Faith

If Faith is so important, then how do you get it so that you can gain access to your heavenly treasures?

Remember your first day at school? At whatever level? Were you given an identification card, with an identification number?  And the card/number immediately gave you access to certain privileges in the school like the opening of classroom doors, entering the library, access to the cafeteria, etc?

Similarly, you were given a measure of faith (Romans 12:3) that automatically gives you access to heaven’s treasures when you gave your life to Jesus. This “measure of faith” is so potent that it can move mountains. That’s why after giving your life to Jesus, you see even your simplest, “childish” prayers being answered speedily.

How to Grow your Faith

I remember while my husband was a visiting scientist at Johns Hopkins University, his access card could open doors, etc but it had to be “loaded” with cash to be able to buy him lunch.

You have got to keep your Faith card loaded all the time to be able to have unlimited access to heaven’s riches.

You have to keep your Faith card “loaded” all the time to be able to have unlimited access to heaven’s riches.

How do you do this? Is there a machine on which you can load your Faith card? I wish there was, I don’t know of any but I know three proven and tested things you can do to keep your faith Card loaded 24/7.

1. Reading/Listening to God’s Word.

The Word of God is the source of Faith. The more of God’s word you hear the more faith grows in you. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” (Romans 10:17) As you keep listening to or reading God’s word, you are loading your faith card with the heavenly currency. If you need a specific miracle from God, you can compile bible verses that speak to that situation and keep reading and listening to it. Over time, you will see that your faith keeps growing.

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If you want to load your Faith card with God’s word and don’t know where to start, I wrote a Book filled with over 200 bible verses on different issues. It is a very great resource for building up your faith. You can get it here or if you prefer a book you can flip the pages instead, you can get it on Amazon here.

2. Keep Your Eyes Fixed on the promise.

Jesus is the beginning and end of your faith. (Hebrews 12:2) He is your primary example of how you can get your Faith growing up. Jesus had a very difficult task ahead of Him-He was to die on the cross and was almost backing out at some point but He was able to keep going because of where He fixed His eyes on. Even as the son of God, He didn’t focus on the challenge He had ahead, He did not focus on the pain and the agony, He was going to have to go through. He fixed HIs eyes on the Promise-(see Ephesians 1:20-23) God’s promise to Him kept Him going and kept filling His Faith card up. Then when it was the appointed time he had sufficient credit on His Faith card to access the promises

3. Giving Glory to God.

Another perfect example that can show you how to grow your Faith up is Abraham; who is fondly called the father of faith. He was in a practically hopeless state when it comes to having kids when God promised him a son. How is that even possible? At 99years old and his wife at 89years old?

Yet Abraham’s faith was strengthened as he took his eyes off the weakness of his body(Romans 4:19) instead he glorified God (Romans 4:20) And did he get the promise? Sure he did and became the father of the nation of Israel and by extension, father of all Christians. 

Faith is not complete until you have spoken what you believe.

The fundamental truth about faith is that it is based upon God’s word. Also, faith works by love because faith without love is nothing. (1Corinthians 13:2) Faith works with patience; those who received God’s promises in the Bible did so through faith and patience. (Hebrews 6:12)

Faith plus Action equals results (Faith+Action=Results)

Faith is not complete until you have spoken what you believe. You receive faith by hearing but you release it by speaking the word. Your confession is proof that you believe what God said. As you hear yourself speak the word, your faith grows. Faith is God’s word in your heart and your mouth that enables you to take action before seeing any results physically.

So…start listening to and reading the word, keep your eyes on the promise, keep glorifying God and your faith card will keep getting filled up; your faith will keep growing. Then your faith card will be ready to be used to access heaven’s blessings. Don’t forget to activate it with your confessions and faith-backed actions.

Packed full with over 200 scripture promises on different topics, Get my book “All You Need for All Your Needs: Treasured Promises for Daily Victory” Here or Here!

What scripture has ever given you access to heaven’s treasures? Just curious. Share in the comments below

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