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Empowering You to Thrive in Life

LifeSavvy Living is a christ-centered personal development platform committed to providing young adults (including teenagers) with practical tips, tools, and strategies to live an outstanding life.

Our goal is to inspire you to pursue and achieve your dream of a purposeful and impactful life in which you discover, develop, release and maximise your full potentials in God.

We are committed to helping you on your transformational journey of continuous personal growth in all aspects of your life.

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“Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.”

-Zig Ziglar



Our Mission is to empower and equip you to become a unique individual who will impact the world with the love of Jesus with precision and accuracy in your sphere of influence by fulfilling your unique purpose in life.

Our Philosophy on Personal Growth for Young Adults is based on the most powerful force in the world- God's word.

We understand that you are very special to God and He has great plans for you. We also understand that you are like an arrow in His quiver; and because arrows are not meant to be kept safe in the quiver you must be sharpened and prepared to fulfill His purpose. (Psalm 127:4-5) 

For any arrow to be useful to the warrior and effective in hitting its target, its  four basic parts (shaft, fletching, nock and point) must be well designed and crafted. The significance of these basic parts of an arrow sets out the four clear goals that guide what we do. 

The Shaft: Identity

This is the spine of the arrow. It must be crafted in such a way that it is resistance to bending when released from the bow otherwise it will lead to poor arrow flight and loss of accuracy.

This part of the arrow is a lot like your Identity. Your identity (your self concept) must be  “straight and strong” so that your flight in life is not wobbly.

So we help you recognize that you are born with a unique identity that is divinely designed. We guide you in building a healthy self identity that respects and accepts your spiritual, sexual and emotional identity as God designed it.

The bottom line- “You are a Masterpiece. You are very dear to God”

The Fletching: Character

These are the vanes or feathers on an arrow. They give stability and accuracy as the arrow flies to its target. An arrow with the wrong kind of vane is unsafe and unreliable. On the other hand, an arrow with the right kind of vane is stable and straight when in flight.

This part of the arrow is similar your character. Your character informs how you respond to people and to life happenings.

We help you understand that you are a “work-in-progress” in God’s hands. So we guide you as yield to God on your journey of continuous character development.

The Nock: Relationships

This is the slotted plastic tip found at the rear end of the arrow that holds the bowstring and keeps the arrow in position until the force to move the arrow is released.

It is likened to your  relationships- another very essential part of your life. God created you as a relational being, He never planned that you will do life all alone. You need the help, strength, encouragement, support, resources and love presented by other people.

We guide you to build relationships that are based on the truth and love of God.

The Arrowhead: Mission/Purpose

Also called the point, this is the final part of the arrow. The ultimate purpose of an arrow is to hit a target; and the arrowhead is the part that directly impacts the target. 

Similarly, God created you for a purpose. As you passionately pursue your purpose, your life becomes meaningful and impactful.

We help you discover, develop, release and maximize your full potentials in God.


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“…as arrows in the hands of a mighty man…”


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