Doctor's stetoscope

She Refused To Die!

Funny Feelings… Not very long after she had her last child in 1993, Rev (Mrs) Yvonne Pelemo, the woman who refused to die, noticed she started developing some strange health issues. First, she noticed some funny feelings in her body. Next thing, she started experiencing profuse bleeding that was accompanied with heavy clots of blood …

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Which Season Are You In?

Recently, I was thinking about seasons..why did the Lord even create seasons? I realized that among other things, seasons are characterized by waiting…you’re in winter, you long for spring when the beautiful flowers and leaves will spring forth, but you have to wait… you long for summer when the weather is warm, you can go outdoors …

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When I fail in keeping my My New Year Resolutions.

For most people, each New year begins with New year resolutions. Decisions to start doing some things (like start blogging, exercise more often, start an annual bible reading plan…) and stop doing some other things ( like stop drinking soda, stop gossiping, stop getting to appointments late…) are made. New goals, aspirations, and ambitions are …

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Game Changer!

Game Changer! During the FIFA World Cup 2018, the Nigerian team defeated the Icelanders 2-0. After the match, there was so much rejoicing and celebrating. The players were excited, the coaches were delighted, the fans were elated because their team won that match. It was a different scenario some days before that match when the same Super …

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Crown and Scepter

There is a King In You

You come from royalty, An aristocratic dynasty…(by Donald Lawrence) These are the lyrics of the song the choir sang on Sunday during the worship service. They sang with so much passion and conviction and a cord was struck in my heart. There is a King in me! There is a King in You! Yes! You, reading …

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